Ryan The Operator & Mi Gaan

We are a Reggae band based in San Francisco. We've played throughout the Bay Area - California and the United States at Reggae festivals, Reggae concerts and private parties. Our music is great for many occasions. We're a blend of authentic Reggae music mixed with many different genres.

"Live Performance"



Born and raised in Barbados in the north eastern Caribbean, Ryan the Operator is an international artist, keyboardist, producer and musical director who has earned his stripes working hard on the front line. Ryan has been a go to producer and performer mostly in the reggae genre in North America and beyond for more than two decades. He came to the San Francisco bay area where he is currently based with the music. Ryan does quality production work at his Shaolin recording studio for countless artists. Ryan is also a top keyboardist for many international Reggae touring artists such as Michael Rose, Junior Reid, Marcia Griffiths, Prezident Brown, Don Carlos, Anthony B, The Itals, Chezidek, Rupee, Mega Blanton, Fanton Mojah, Brigadeer Jerry, Glen Washington, Ras Attitude, Perfect, Mikey General, Nkulee Dube, Shinehead, Jah Dan, the Reggae Angels and others. Ryan has played on countless shows. In addition to being a world class keyboardist, Ryan is also an excellent bass player. Ryan’s musicianship serves him well when he is producing music for the countless artists that come to his Shaolin studio.

Nicknamed “the operator” for the headset mic that he wears while he plays, Ryan is also known for his outstanding keyboard techniques which enable him to play as many as six parts simultaneously. Ryan is the pioneer of the one hand reggae shuffle and bang technique which was previously considered impossible.

Ryan is currently based in the San Francisco bay area. When not on tour, he can regularly be seen playing around the greater Bay Area at venues such as Slims, Ashkenaz, The Warfield, 19 Broadway, Moe's Alley, The Catalyst, Reggae on the River, the Sierra Nevada World Music Festival, the Bill Graham Civic Center, the Monterey Reggae Festival, at numerous farmers markets and at other private events.

If you have never seen this talented artist perform, you are in for a treat. Ryan the Operator is greatly loved and respected in the music circles. Ryan has done much great service to the global music community for many years. His music contributions will surely live on.



The future of reggae music is Mi Gaan!! Conscious and uplifting, fresh style mixed with influences of the great artists before them - Mi Gaan is the modern era of reggae. The bands' creative focus is music with a message. Mi Gaan is one of the tightest reggae rhythm sections, and band outside of Jamaica. They represent Northern California with international acclaim and a worldwide fan base. From Europe to the Carribean Islands , Japan to Hawaii - Mi Gaan has made their mark. Blending acoustic instrumentation with electronic; Mi Gaan's sound is fresh and contemporary, while still maintaining the soul and roots of old-school reggae. The energy flowing from Mi Gaan's founders, Jeremy Gray & Justin Macri, is the back bone of the music, with their unique sound and approach that intertwines Jeremy's Reggae/Funk/Jazz drumming with Justin's hypnotic and pulsating bass lines. They are a drum and bass duo in the tradition of Sly Dunbar and Robbie Shakespeare. The Duo and band collaborate with lyrically conscious singers to create an environment of good times for the fans. Mi Gaan has collaborated with many amazing reggae artists such as Clinton Fearon, Norrisman, Messenjah Selah, Mikey General, Kulcha Knox, Tuff Lion, Bobby Tenna, and MC Yogi. But Mi Gaan doesn't stop at reggae; they also flow with R&B, Hip-Hop, African, Blues and other musical genres of the Beat Diaspora.

Jeremy & Justin were born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, a city rich in cultural diversity and creativity. Expression through music has been a lifetime journey for Mi Gaan. At an early age, each of them chose to educate themselves on music. "We wanted to be able to speak the language," says Jeremy. The duo learned to play together when young, and remained friends throughout their school days.They found themselves in music courses at their college, and many years later played on the very same campus they formerly studied at. Mi Gaan has been creating a lot of attention throughout the west coast with their performances. Performing at the legendary Fillmore in San Francisco was a big step for Mi Gaan, and the crowds reaction was with much support.

Mi Gaan pays special homage to Mr. I.J. Internional, an O.G. of the music business, for everything he's done.

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Reggae Band in Bay Area
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